Benefits of Ginger for Cats

Benefits of Ginger for Cats


People use ginger for a wide variety of taste and health benefits. It is one of the most studied plants when it comes to nutrition and traditional medicine. You may be surprised to learn that your cat can also consume this tasty root and get the same health boosts from it.


Most important thing is to feed fresh ginger or ginger root powder and avoid any ginger-flavored treats but also have artificial ingredients or excess sugar. Also, ginger flower is a different plant altogether from the lily family. While these may be safe for consumption based on the variety, they do not provide the health benefits for cats described here. Since ginger root has quite a strong taste, small amounts to start is a good idea.


Ginger Benefits Digestive Issues in Cats


Just like it is for people, the primary benefit of ginger root is an end to digestive issues like nausea in cats. The most important thing is to determine why your cat has an upset stomach or is vomiting to begin with. These can be signs of serious health problems, so you should always speak with your veterinarian or make an appointment before trying any home remedies. However, if the issue is a simple matter of motion sickness in the car or occasional queasiness, injured can help.


As an anti-emetic, or anti-nausea and vomiting aid, ginger has been used for centuries and studied against placebo. Ginger also stimulates the stomach muscles and overall digestive track to keep things moving along smoothly. This helps with bloat or dilation and volvulus in dogs. For cats, it simply ensures smoother digestion without a lower chance of discomfort.


You should note that too much ginger can cause digestive distress instead of taking it away. Cats are little animals, and a small dose of this healthful root can go a long way. It is better to start with less and add a bit more if necessary.


Other Healthy Reasons to Give Your Cat Ginger


After talking with your veterinarian, you may consider ginger supplements or extract for help with high blood pressure or blood sugar instability. Unfortunately, few studies with cats have been conducted to find out more about the treatment expectations. These are advantages found in humans, and they are also recommended for dogs in some cases.


How to Give Ginger to Cats


If your cat does not enjoy chewing up the sharp-tasting root to get extra fiber and moisture while enjoying the nutritional benefits, consider ginger powder from a nutritional supplement capsule or make your own extract.


  • Grate 1 tsp ginger root into one cup hot water
  • Let this sit and steep until the water is cool
  • Strain out the ginger particles
  • Save the tea to administer while fresh.


You can add this to your cat's food or use an eyedropper to squirt the mixture into their mouth when needed. This is especially useful before long car drive if your cat tends to get motion sickness.

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