Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs

When autumn comes around, your thoughts may turn to delicious pumpkin for a variety of tasty and nutritious treats. You might be surprised to learn that pumpkin offers amazing health benefits for your dog, too. Raw, in commercial treats, or cooked, this glorious gourd helps your dog in a variety of ways.

Pumpkin Packs Nutrients

According to the USDA, pumpkin offers a variety of nutrients including large amounts of beta carotene, which is essential for eye health and vision, potassium, the powerful antioxidant vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and more. As a loving dog owner, you know how important it is to feed your pet a nutritious and varied diet. Pumpkin provides in a totally delicious way.

Aid a Dog's Digestion

Since pumpkin is high in fiber and a nutritious treat any time, it can help dogs who suffer from either constipation or diarrhea. For the latter, it provides multiple health boosts beyond fiber that can give stool bulk. It also helps remove water from the digested food and encourages the growth of good bacteria that make digestion possible.

Urinary Tract Benefits

Do not forget about the delicious crunch of pumpkin seeds when you feed your dog a snack. They contain healthy omega-3 oil and antioxidants that helps with overall health of the urinary system. If your dog struggles with incontinence or has other bladder or systemic issues, pumpkin and especially the seeds can help.

Hydration and Moisturization

Some common complaints for dog owners have to do with their pet's skin and coat. If your poor pooch has dry patches, irritation, itchiness, and dull fur, consider pumpkin as a great dietary addition. The high concentration of vitamin A and other nutrients benefit skin cell production and health. Since pumpkin has high moisture content combined with fiber, it does a great job of introducing hydration to their whole body.

Pumpkin Helps to Banish Parasites

While the raw or cooked pumpkin helps the overall digestive tract with fiber and nutrients, it is especially useful for dogs who suffer with parasites like tapeworms and roundworms. These horrible worms cause many health problems because they sap the nutrients out of anything the dog eats and their body. The increased regularity of digestion can help flush out these parasites. However, pumpkin offers something much better. Cucurbitacin, a natural compound found in the pumpkin seeds, has been proven to get rid of the worms and their eggs.

Your precious dog will welcome the addition of pumpkin to their diet. It tastes great and provides many health benefits so they feel their absolute best. Its antioxidant properties from the carotenoids that give pumpkin its yellow or orange color also fight inflammation. These are surely enough advantages for you to purchase a pumpkin or buy a few cans to incorporate into mealtime or snacks. Just make sure to stay away from pumpkin pie and other sugary treats if you want to take advantage of another great pumpkin benefit: helping an overweight pet lose extra pounds.

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