Benefits of Turmeric for Dogs

For human and pet nutrition, turmeric gets more attention than many other spices all around the world. The long list of health benefits that make people reach for the spice or supplement also help dogs feel their very best. Turmeric is safe and effective for a wide variety of issues and for a general improvement of your precious pet's well-being.


What Makes Turmeric So Healthy?


This sought-after spice provides innumerable benefits primarily from the natural compound called curcumin. The two words are sometimes used interchangeably to describe this popular root. It has nearly 300 other compounds, vitamins, and minerals that may also benefit health in different ways. Some of these include iron, potassium, PCM, and vitamin C. Altogether, the power of turmeric for dogs, cats, and people, comes from its amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to fight bacteria, viruses, and other damaging microbes.


Top Health Benefits for Dogs Who Take Turmeric


Listing all of the benefits of turmeric for dogs could fill a book. However, focusing on the overall improvements your pet can experience with this natural supplement helps you to understand how things like anti-inflammatory properties can boost their overall health and affect many different issues and conditions.


Fights Inflammation – The number one health benefit of turmeric or curcumin comes from its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. As the medical community for both people and animals learns more about the root causes of disease, inflammation creeps higher and higher on the list of causes. Contributes everything from heart problems to skin irritation. It is especially helpful for dogs who suffer from arthritis and its associated pain. Why not give your pet dog an all-natural boost to get rid of this dangerous systemic problem?


Antibacterial and Anti-microbial – Bacterial infections, parasites, fungal issues, and more all get better with the use of turmeric. In fact, the anti-parasite and antimicrobial properties are so powerful, that they have been used for thousands of years and studied since the 1940s by scientists around the world. These properties help with everything from wound care to overcoming illness in dogs.


Improves Tooth and Gum Health – Dogs have dental problems just like people do, and they frequently do not brush and floss their teeth after every meal. A buildup of plaque or tartar along the gum line and excess bacteria in the mouth can lead to gingivitis or other issues. They can cause pain and even make it difficult for your pet dog to eat comfortably. With the antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties of turmeric, your dog can feel more comfortable once more.


May Reduce the Risk of Cancer – While most of the studies about turmeric and cancer focus on people, dogs can get cancer, too. Curcumin offers some protection against colon cancer, lymphatic cancer, and leukemia. In fact, research has shown the addition of turmeric into the diet or supplemental regimen caused cancer cells to die. Please note that no one root or spice can cure cancer. You must work closely with your veterinarian to maximize the chance of your dog's recovery and long life.

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