Is Cinnamon Healthy for Dogs?

Has your dog ever begged for a scrap of your cinnamon roll or snap up a fallen crumb from your favorite cookie? Perhaps you visited a local bakery that specializes in pet treats and found great options that included cinnamon in their recipes. There are also a wide variety of options at pet-centric shops online. You may wonder if cinnamon is healthy for dogs or if it is just a delicious treat they should enjoy rarely.

Cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree. It is 100% natural in any of its four varieties. The type of cinnamon you purchase at the supermarket for baking or sprinkling on your oatmeal in the morning is generally safe for dogs. Other, darker and more robust varieties may cause discomfort in some cases.

Is Cinnamon a Safe Choice for Dogs?

First, understand that cinnamon is generally safe for dogs. It is not toxic in any amount, although some pets may find too much of it irritates their digestive system. It may irritate their mouth, cause coughing or sneezing if they inhale the powder, and potentially cause diarrhea or vomiting if they eat too much at once. Used in smaller amounts, it can be a great treat that truly offers some health benefits.

ATTENTION: Nutmeg, a spice which is often used with cinnamon in baked goods, is considered toxic for dogs and should be avoided completely. Its oil can cause digestive issues, high blood pressure and increased heart rate, seizures, disorientation, and other serious health problems. If your dog ingests nutmeg, get emergency veterinary help immediately.

What Are the Health Benefits of Cinnamon?

People and pets have been using cinnamon for many years for the health benefits it offers. It is one of the strongest anti-inflammatories that also tastes great and can be incorporated into many treats and snacks. This helps fight against arthritis, overall inflation in the body, and can help alleviate pain and stiffness.

Cinnamon also provides strong antioxidant powers. This can support brain health and cognitive function. While age-related brain issues are more common with people than pets, supporting your dog's natural capabilities as they age makes sense.

Another benefit of this tasty spice deals with the regulation of blood sugar. Dogs with diabetes, who are overweight, or have difficulty regulating insulin response may benefit from cinnamon added to their diet. Studies have even shown that it can lower blood pressure and heart rate.

How to Help Your Dog Enjoy Cinnamon

While your adorable pooch may beg for a cookie or part of your breakfast roll, human food with cinnamon frequently includes too much sugar and fat for their health. Do not reach for your spice rack and sprinkle cinnamon on their canned food or kibble either. Instead, make the experience both delicious and healthy for your dog by purchasing high-quality treats specifically made for their tastes and well-being.

As long as you feed cinnamon responsibly, your dog can reap the benefits without experiencing any of the irritating side effects. Keep their use to the recommended amounts to avoid digestive issues while they enjoy this delicious and health-boosting treat.

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