Why Your Dog Needs Glucosamine

Your dog should enjoy an active life no matter what age they are, but all the walks, running, and playtime can take a toll on older joints. Glucosamine supports cartilage and overall joint health to give your furry friend more mobility and comfort as they age. It benefits all dogs and is especially useful for those suffering from arthritis. If your dog has difficulty taking long walks, playing the way they use to, jumping and running, or getting up after a long nap, consider glucosamine supplements as part of a healthy regimen.

What Is Glucosamine?

This 100% natural compound has long been used as an arthritis-relieving and joint-support supplement for people and pets. It is made naturally in the body, but also breaks down over time and becomes less active as the dog ages. Glucosamine is an important part of cartilage and the fluid enjoins that lubricates and cushions their movement.

Glucosamine supplements frequently come from shellfish or plants that are naturally high in this helpful compound. Three different types of glucosamine exist in supplement form: sulfate, hydrochloride, and N-acetylene-D glucosamine, which is frequently associated with Chondroitin. You may have seen glucosamine-chondroitin supplements before. They are safe, effective, and side effect free for the vast majority of users.

How Does Glucosamine Help?

High-quality glucosamine supplements offer a wealth of benefits for your dog.

  • Maintain the essential cushioning and lubrication for joints
  • Help with smooth and comfortable joint function
  • Relieves joint stiffness that comes with age or arthritis
  • Strengthens the joint structure and may minimize the risk of injury
  • Provides comfort and reduces pain for an active life

Besides arthritis, glucosamine has been shown to help with degenerative joint disease. Dogs who experience hip dysplasia and similar issues may also find relief with this natural compound. Overall, the goal is improved mobility and increased comfort: two things every owner wants for their precious pet.

How Can I Give My Dog Glucosamine the Right Way?

While it makes sense to talk with your veterinarian before changing anything in your dog's diet or supplement regimen, glucosamine is so readily accepted and use today that it is deemed safe. Choose the highest quality, all-natural supplement in the form that makes the most sense for your dog. This compound comes in delicious tablets or pills, liquids, or powders you can add to your pet food.

Always follow the supplement manufacturer's instructions when it comes to choosing the right dose of glucosamine for your pet. Although there is no way to overdose on this natural substance, it makes sense to give the optimum amount instead of an excessive one. The amount your dog needs depends on how old they are, their activity level, if they have an existing arthritis or joint issue diagnosis, and other factors.

Give your dog the gift of comfort and renewed activity with glucosamine supplements from a trusted provider. This natural joint compound has been scientifically shown to improve mobility, reduce inflammation, and help older pets enjoy an active life more than ever before.

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